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The Value of Using Data


The value of using data                            

Ever feel like you are drowning in information and data? Recently I was at a medical appointment with a friend. The specialist was talking about specialized scans and other evaluation tools. He commented about situations where tests provide a lot of information (data) but it’s not always useful. Sometimes there is a lot of information but it does not lead to an intervention. Well, you say, that’s medicine; we are in education.

Wait, I say, educators and school systems collect a massive amount of information (data) for various reasons. But how do we use these data. Which data for what purpose is so very important?

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Springtime Evaluation of PBIS: SET vs BoQ

PBIS is a wonderful framework with a lot of moving parts to organize and evaluate. Fortunately, there are assessments that can help your team evaluate the effectiveness of your PBIS program. There are two assessments – the SET (School-wide Evaluation Tool) and the BoQ (Benchmarks of Quality) which evaluate PBIS Tier 1 programs, but they each have a different purpose. These assessments are usually done in conjunction with other evaluations, such as the SAS (Self-Assessment Survey, done by all staff) and the TIC (Team Implementation Checklist (done by the PBIS leadership team quarterly).

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