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Mid-Year Reconnect

Happy December! As we move through December and into January, it is a great time to stop and review how your PBIS leadership team is doing and if the action plan is still on track to meeting outcomes. I like the months of January and February in Minnesota for reflection. It’s too cold to make me want to go outside, so I stay in, review data, read, and do some research. It’s a great time to check that your team is working smarter not harder. Use this winter time to reconnect, reflect, and renew your commitment to PBIS, even if you are in sunny Florida.

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The Value of Using Data


The value of using data                            

Ever feel like you are drowning in information and data? Recently I was at a medical appointment with a friend. The specialist was talking about specialized scans and other evaluation tools. He commented about situations where tests provide a lot of information (data) but it’s not always useful. Sometimes there is a lot of information but it does not lead to an intervention. Well, you say, that’s medicine; we are in education.

Wait, I say, educators and school systems collect a massive amount of information (data) for various reasons. But how do we use these data. Which data for what purpose is so very important?

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Growth Mindset and PBIS: Kindred Spirits

Is Growth Mindset on your mind like it is on mine? I have been hearing a lot about this term and was vaguely familiar with it; I sort of knew what it meant but didn’t grasp the deeper meaning of how to apply it to PBIS, if these two things were even similar. Well, it turns out they are very compatible and things that I have been telling my students over the past 20 years or so, have been Growth Mindsets. Acquiring new behavior and social skills can be a long learning process that is frustrating and sometimes exhausting.  As a behavior specialist, I would offer students second chances, re-dos and re-winds. This is the Growth Mindset. I sometimes think of myself more of a coach than a teacher. I cheer kids on to victorious changes of behavior and social learning.

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Getting ready for the new school year in a positive way

Here it is mid August and everyone is enjoying the remaining days of summer before the new school year begins. Some of you may already be in workshops or offering workshops at your school.

We wanted to offer some tips for a great start to the school year with PBIS. These suggestions apply regardless of how long you have been at it.


First, take a few minutes to recognize what you are grateful for this summer. Make a list of 2 or 3 things or more that you cherish and that have made your summer meaningful. They need not be great adventures though those experiences are memorable, but maybe it’s time with your family that you don’t easily have, time with special friends, time outside, sleeping in, reading for fun, walking, biking or whatever keeps you moving. Maybe you accomplished something this summer that you have really wanted to do. It’s very personal to you.

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Writing Your Elevator Speech for PBIS

Are you trying to figure out your elevator speech about PBIS? PBIS has a lot of moving parts that work together to create safe, efficient and effective learning environments. Describing it quickly and easily can be difficult. You can use this cheat sheet to help.

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